Treatment programs

Treatment program to rid the body

  • Efektivnoe removing toxins from the body (detoxification).
  • Effects on the nervous system: it increases the activity of the brain, increases efficiency, improves quality of sleep. Promotes oxygen to the brain.
  • Effect on the cardiovascular system: effect on blood vessels, keeping blood cholesterol at a proper level, prevents sedimentation of lipids Nastenko vessels, enhancing blood circulation, normalize blood pressure.
  • Effect on the circulatory system: negative ions slow down blood flow, making clotting time longer, increase the oxygen content in the blood.
    Cosmetology: beautifully charred skin heals, cures herpes.

Treatment program Life Energy DETA-RITM

designed specifically for Intway World Corporation and is intended for low-frequency electromagnetic therapy - the impact on the affected organs with electromagnetic low-frequency radiation. This device combines two methods of therapy: electromagnetic and wave.
The organism and its functioning systems are sources of extremely weak electromagnetic waves in a wide range of frequencies. Electromagnetic oscillations - the level of control, they stimulate and monitor all vital processes in the body. Under the influence of pathogenic factors, new sources of electromagnetic oscillations that are not characteristic for the organism.
The pathological process goes through the following stages.
  • Healthy body. Operate without the influence of pathological factors. In this mode, the body is working properly and its energy is normal.
  • The first stage. Temporary disparity between the different levels of functioning biosystem. The impact of pathological factor is weak. At this stage the energy in the body enough so that he could return to its normal state.
  • The second stage. Failure of information flows in the body. The Authority operates on a functional stress. At this stage it is an appropriate response to the impact of external destructive factor. Such a state is characteristic of stress, there is chronic fatigue syndrome. Independent recovery is possible, but with the active participation of the patient.
  • The third stage. Metabolic energy. For the normal functioning of the organ is not enough. Without help, the body is unable to return to normal operation. To restore the necessary therapeutic procedures.
  • The fourth stage. Metabolism and destruction of structures. This condition characterizes the body with an illness. It possesses little energy, and he is unable to resist the disease. A chronic disease. With further displacement of the frequency of degeneration of the organ and the death of tissue.
The basic idea of ​​application of the electromagnetic wave and the therapy is that with proper selection of frequency of therapeutic effects is possible even with very low signal to substantially strengthen or weaken the normal pathological variations in the biological system.
Life Energy DETA-RITM allows the therapy of various diseases by specially developed programs. Each of them is intended to restore the work of certain human organs and systems. Methodology for treatment programs is simple, affordable and requires no special preparation by the user. Persistent therapeutic effect is achieved due to the high penetrating power of the electromagnetic field in the body. Accuracy of frequency setting provides a safe and effective technique. The device has a mild, harmless effect on the body and can be used for adults and children without age restrictions.
Therapy is carried out by individual sessions that make up a course of treatment.

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