Rehabilitation program after COVID-19


The transfer of the coronavirus is a blow to the body. This virus unbalances all the body's systems. In addition to the negative effects of the disease on the lungs, there are violations of the heart, kidneys, and nervous system. The kidneys are also affected by toxic drugs that are used in the treatment. What is even more exciting-the manifestations of the consequences can be experienced by people who have been ill asymptomatically and do not suspect the presence of infection.
The Psel sanatorium has developed the PROGRAM "REHABILITATION AND PREVENTION AFTER COVID-19", thanks to which patients have the opportunity to undergo rehabilitation therapy to relieve the "post-ovoid syndrome" and the final recovery.

The main tasks of rehabilitation

  • restoration of the functioning of the immune, pulmonary and cardiovascular systems after an infection,
  • normalization of the digestive system and return to the usual way of life.

In addition, the passage of this rehabilitation program after coronavirus is the prevention of the appearance of chronic secondary diseases and complications.

Clean air in combination with a complex of medical procedures is the key to successful rehabilitation. Take care of your health-visit the sanatorium "Psel".
List of procedures that are included in the program:
1. Oxygen therapy (the body is filled with oxygen deficiency, restored cellular respiration, accelerated tissue regeneration, improves metabolic processes, improves vascular tone, normalizes blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, eliminates swelling of the lungs, detoxification of the body by increasing metabolism, improves breathing and circulation).
2. Physical therapy for lung diseases (electrophoresis with drugs that improve the metabolism of the pulmonary system, which have a resorption and drainage effect, amplipulse, magnetic therapy, diadinamotherapy, ultrasound therapy, magnetolaser therapy, darsonval, tube-quartz, myostimulation of the thoracic spine).
3. Bioptron (light therapy-promotes the stimulation of the immune system and enhances the regeneration processes).
4. Ceramic heating (tourmaline mat, external projector) accelerates blood circulation, saturates tissues with oxygen, strengthens the immune system).
5. Massage (improves microcirculation in the lungs, thereby ensuring their ventilation; restores the contractility of the intercostal muscles and diaphragm; relieves tension).
6. Halotherapy (salt room)(significant improvement in respiratory function, increased lung volume, increased oxygenation of the body, improved overall well-being).
7. Inhalation (with mineral water, herbal infusions or medications that are prescribed by a doctor in accordance with the indications individually, will help to cope with the exacerbation of ENT diseases against the background of pneumonia).
8. Oxygen foams for internal use (active oxygen helps to restore vitality, normalizes the functions of external respiration, improves tissue respiration, reduces lung hypoxia).
9. Phytotherapy (treatment with herbal drinks from multicomponent collections of various plants).
10. Natural mineral baths,pearl,coniferous (stimulating effect on the respiratory center, improve overall blood circulation).
11. Underwater shower massage (a deep type of massage that will improve the metabolism, increase blood circulation of the skin and the body as a whole, as well as accelerate the recovery processes in the body. It will be effective for the prevention of post-ovarian complications on the bronchopulmonary and vascular systems).
12. Drinking the healing mineral water "Novoagachanskaya" (the use of mineral water restores the digestive organs, in particular after toxic drug treatment prescribed during COVID-19. Drinking mineral water treatment acts on the body as an adaptogen that increases the body's resistance to adverse factors, including bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. Detoxification, regulation of the gastrointestinal tract, metabolism, improvement of liver and kidney function, general health improvement, stimulation of immunity).
13. Hirudotherapy (improving blood circulation of tissues, increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to tissues,anti-inflammatory, decongestant, bactericidal, analgesic effects.Improvement of the heart function due to mechanical unloading of blood flow, similar to bloodletting.Stimulating the immune system.Normalization of blood pressure.Improvement of metabolism).
14. Autogenic training and physical therapy (will help to recover faster after suffering from coronavirus disease, strengthen the immune system, and in combination with outdoor walks will have a beneficial effect on the emotional state and help to overcome depression and nervousness).
15. Aromatherapy (calms the nervous system, gives vitality and has analgesic properties).
16. Climatotherapy, merenkurkun routes ( due to the abundance of coniferous trees in the resort and near it, the air is saturated with phytoncides, a unique microclimate due to the river Psel, flowing through the territory of the sanatorium – favorable climatic conditions provide oxygen to the body, improve respiratory function, facilitate the functioning of the body, gradually train the adaptation mechanisms).
It is mandatory to perform daily pulse oximetry-it records the level of oxygen saturation of the blood, that is, saturation.
If necessary, vacationers are given input and output monitoring of blood biochemical parameters, electrocardiography( ECG), spirography – it allows you to determine the type of violation of lung ventilation and the severity of respiratory failure.

The course of treatment (type of procedure, number, sequence) is appointed by the attending physician for each patient individually, taking into account indications and contraindications, compatibility procedures.

We provide full-fledged dietary nutrition, taking into account the needs of rehabilitation.
Come to get your health and energy back!

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