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Sanatorium "Psel" is located in one of the most charming and clean place in Ukraine. Complements the sinuous beauty of the landscape, rapid river Psel on the picturesque banks of which and is a sanatorium and in water shows the opposite bank of the river, surrounded by trees and groves of birch trees.
Forest area includes a variety of coniferous, mixed and deciduous forests. Located in the heart of Ukraine, Poltava region has favorable climate. This is a magic land, poetry and beauty of nature is repeatedly sung by famous writers and poets.
The main wealth of spa - sodium chloride is slightly alkaline mineral water "Velykobagachanskiy" used for drinking and outdoor use.
Mineral water resort receives from its own wells to a depth of 300 m, situated on its territory.
The sanatorium was founded in 1976 on the basis of a holiday home honey candidate. Sciences, Honored Doctor of Ukraine, academician Nikolai Timofeevich UAS Grebelnikom who devoted his entire life.
For services to innovative treatments for head physician of the sanatorium "Psel" Nicholas T. Grebelnik received the title of Honored Doctor of Ukraine, as well as several other awards and titles:
The resort has 11 doctors in various fields, the highest and first qualifying category, Honoured Doctor of Ukraine, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Academician of UAS.
In the year round successfully heals people with chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, biliary tract, kidney and urinary tract infections, diabetes and its complications, thyroid, chronic broncho-pulmonary system, asthma, chronic musculoskeletal system (osteochondrosis, polyarthritis, radiculitis, etc.), obliterating endarteritis, chronic gynecological and urological diseases. Dentistry.
In addition, the resort operated branch medical rehabilitation chronic broncho-pulmonary system, asthma, chronic compartment medreabilitatsii musculoskeletal and medical-diagnostic department equipped with modern apparatus. Clinical and biochemical laboratories, duodenal sounding and studies of gastric juice, computer-assisted diagnosis of the whole organism, computer gemoskanirovanie, computer rheovasography. Physiotherapy, information-wave therapy.
Stay in the sanatorium "Psel" will leave you an unforgettable experience, you will want to come here again and again!

Booking a tour of the sanatorium "Psel": an algorithm of actions

Anyone who decides to come for treatment or rest, you need to book a ticket to the sanatorium Psyol in advance - you can find contacts of administrators in the relevant section of the site. Select a room category and arrival date. The healthcare professional will advise you and prescribe treatment upon arrival.

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